3 Reasons why HydraFacial is my favorite facial

Ever wondered how you could achieve a fresh and glowing skin?

I have spent so much time giving myself peels and using a buffet of skin care products. A couple months later, I was introduced to Hydrafacial on Crystal Koro’s instagram page. At the time, I was a student in esthetics, learning about many amazing modalities that can be used on the skin to create the perfect canvas.

But, HydraFacials were the most amazing thing I’ve seen. How can someone look so amazing and refreshed after one session? 

How does it work? 

The way the HydraFacial works is by removing dead skin like microdermabrasion and quickly infusing it with serums. The skin is being helped in its exfoliation as well as being nourished since that skin is now new and fresh. The HydraFacial company also provides their serums to complete the package, and it’s FANTASTIC. 

HydraFacial’s technology created by the HydraFacial company. They are the original making of this product. There are similar products on the market like it, but HydraFacial has its unique look and procedures. 

Here is what I learned after my first HydraFacial

Gentle and made for acne skin. This product was aimed to help clients with acne, if it can help clients with acne, I’m sure its amazing for maintenance.

  1. Gentle and made for acne skin. This product was aimed to help clients with acne, if it can help clients with acne, it’s pretty effective in my opinion.

  2. Quick and enjoyable: This facial is not much about the massage, although you can ask to add that option. If you’re like me and you don’t have much time for self-care, Id recommend scheduling a 30 minute facial. *Some places have deals for people who purchase 2 or more HydraFacials, and I always check Groupon!

  3. Results Last longer than other facials: Usually, Estheticians recommend coming in monthly to keep up with your appearance, and in all honesty, that can be hefty and time consuming. My hydrafacial made me feel and look glowing, dewy, and plump for three months, and that was amazing considering I have rosacea and dry skin.

If you’ve tried this facial, leave a comment below and tell me what you loved! What type of facial do you usually get? 

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