By Erim Hair Oil

Hair oils are a tricky product. They either smell weird, feel too heavy, or just don’t work.

This product I have reviewed for this article is beautifully packaged and formulated very well. All the oils are proportioned correctly and the scent is so pleasant!

My History with Oils

When I was younger I would use oils individually, like fenugreek oils and Amla oil. I tried my best to not use coconut oil like Parachute oil or anything that was processed. Until I found Trader Joe’s coconut oil and I liked it so much! But it gets tiring when you have to make the oil mix when you’re in a hurry or when you run out of one oil. That’s why I was surprised by this product.

What’s in it?

Argan Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond oil, Essential oils


ByErim is a beautiful brand created by, you guessed it, Erim KAUR.

She is an amazing person and influencer who spreads positivity through her gorgeous smile and her amazing taste in fashion. She is the definition of sisterhood and a humble business owner.

Now the review of the hair oil…

The product is really well formulated, so if you’re scrolling for cons, sorry. This time there are NO cons. The product is lightweight and has a great glide when massaging it through the hair. When I first used it I was really pleased by the scent which is a light essential oil of Jasmine, which reminds me of my grandmother’s hair oil massages when I was younger.

How do I use it?

Erim recommends this product be used 20 minutes before a shower or applied before working out to help it absorb into the scalp. I used it in every scenario. I had it in my hair while working out before I showered, and I even put it in my hair to style it slightly since my hair has been frizzy.

Final thoughts…

I really like this product, and I’m really surprised by how much I use it. My hair is extremely picky with oils and can end up extremely heavy or dry, so I am very glad to add this amazing product to my collection. Please go look at the ByErim website to learn more about this product, and if you’re looking to purchase follow her on Instagram to keep yourself updated or subscribe to her newsletter. Her oils sold out extremely fast, and I am so grateful she was able to send me a bottle.

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