Skin care for your Teen Years (series)

Your teen years are the most important when trying to create a good routine for your skin and health.

Your skin can produce more oil and sweat than normal and lead to loads of inflammation and irritation in the skin. So, to help you with that, I’ll give you the basic regimen you should keep in your back pocket.

Step One: Cleanse

I know you’ve heard of this at least a thousand times, but most people won’t tell you cleansing HOW to cleanse and WHAT to cleanse with.


I recommend you use products with less alcohol and less suds. You should definitely look into using the cleansing oils on the market, like Dermalogica’s special cleansing oil.


Then make sure to wash off the oil, make sure to follow directions on the package or see this post here.

Lastly, use a gentle cleanser to do the rest of the work. I love using the fresh Soy face cleanser!

Step Two: Balance

There is much debate on whether or not toners really work, In my opinion, I’ve seen them immediately calm the inflammation on my client’s skin when they’re receiving a pill or having a small reaction to a product. It’s all about WHICH toner you use.


I recommend the Dermalogica Toner or the Murad refreshing toner. Use toners with less to no alcohol and more calming properties, and little to none essential oils.


You can spray the product directly into the face, or you can spray the product into your hands and press down. Some toners are recommended to be used with a cotton pad, to dampen into the skin.

Step Three: Protection

Make sure to always use a proper sunscreen for the type of protection which will be better suited to you. If you wear makeup, purchase a powder foundation to consistently apply throughout the day. I recommend an SPF 30 for better protection

Step four: Hydrate

Depending on your skin type, you should choose between a gel moisturizer or a thick cream, if you need help, you can check this post out.

Ultimately it’s your preference with what type of texture you prefer.

But, to make it simple, gel moisturizers are great for skin that is overproducing oils and have acne or blockages in the skin.

Thick creams like the Khiels Ultra Moisturizer can be used for all skin types but may be better suited for those who do not mind a slightly heavier feeling.