#BlogHer Health 2020

BlogHer Health 2020 was one of a kind event, something I felt was desperately needed for women like me. Looking for a balance between health and life.

This event (not to sound like I’m exaggerating) did change a part of me. I was influenced in a positive way. I was influenced to be a PURPOSEFUL influencer! Where or what kind of event can do that for you? Whoever speaks about influencing with purpose and a good cause, who teaches you to balance paid sponsorships and taking a stand for the things you believe in (wellness, green beauty, etc)? This event did EXACTLY that.


  1. Find the diet that works for you! 

    1. A diet isn’t one size fits all, if that was the case we wouldn’t have so many different types. It’s okay to have a diet that works for your health, but as influencers or writers, we must emphasize choice.

  2. Just ask

    1. It’s hard for me to see someone I admire and ask them flat out for a favor or advice, I have friends who can do it, but it’s harder for me. What’s the worst thing that can happen? The person listening will just say no. That’s it. We must grow out of this fear and understand that we do not grow alone, we grow better and stronger as a team, and if you ask, you might just get the best damn team out there.

  3. Build a community, not just a following

    1. We have internal struggles that we share with the world and some that we don’t. But I learned that sharing your struggle is a way of giving back, allowing for someone else to say, “Hey, I am being challenged by the very same thing, maybe I can find a solution too!”

This was an event that I enjoyed and felt safe in. Everyone was kind and giving, they cared about these topics just like I did and I thrived in that environment. 

Find events like this near you and push yourself to grow, its the best feeling to be surrounded by like-minded people.

Sending you all good vibes and love! ✨