My Tan Complexion Created My Purpose

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My whole life was about fashion and beauty. I remember seeing my mother choose her outfits and put on her makeup, it was a lengthy but short process at the same time.

My mother had light-toned skin, almost pale at one point. My grandmother’s skin was the same, not a sight of a zit or hyperpigmentation. None of them have had acne, maybe the occasional zit, but they just didn’t break out. They ate well, exercise was religious, and they were very hygienic. They used a powder foundation and gentle soaps. They took an umbrella everywhere they went and wore a natural sunscreen.

I grew up with darker or tan skin.

It was obviously out of my control. I had pale skin growing up until I was the age of 6, I became noticeably tan. My tan complexion was okay for me. I didn’t notice it. I didn’t care for it.

Until … everyone made fun of me for it. Especially my pigmented forehead. What could I do?

Well, I did a strong brightening facial in Bangladesh while on vacation. My forehead was lighter and more like the rest of my face. I loved it. I was so happy, until two months later, I was back in the sun and my tan became 3-4 shades darker, with small little lines and wrinkles.

For years, I struggled with my skin’s complexion and hyperpigmentation. I studied the books of estheticians and dermatologists so that I could figure out how to be “normal”.

Until one day, I took the leap of faith and went to school to become a licensed esthetician.

I have been through the many stages of life with overplucked eyebrows, hyperpigmentation, and acne ( started at 21). But, becoming an esthetician was only the beginning.

My story is now the best part of my “why”.

So when someone asks me why I’m so passionate about skincare, its because I needed someone to tell me I was enough. Even though my skincare concerns can be addressed, it was also necessary for my estheticians who treated me and doctors who prescribed medications to say, “You’ll be fine, because you are beautiful no matter what.”

I won’t ever tell you to not treat or ease the acne/ inflammation in the name of self-love.

Why? Because I KNOW the physical pain it causes when you try to apply makeup, or when you want to itch and pop the zits. I KNOW that pain, I know that struggle and I have felt those tears.

I am here to say, let’s embark on this journey of healing. Together.