Boss Women Collective Meetup!

Have you been looking for your woman gang?

I know I have been looking for my girl gang since I was ten years old. I really wanted to grow a community to help little girls like me (back then obvi) who needed guidance and a friend.

I have always been an extrovert. I loved going out and socializing and growing my heart to be as open and helpful as possible. But, then when I was 18, I was told by many women that my friendliness perceived me as weak. I didn’t believe in that for a couple months, until I heard it almost every day for a year. I took that to heart, and created a bubble for myself to live in.

BWC is my safe place

BWC was created by Riana Singh, and amazing woman who is supportive or women’s growth in all places of her life. BWC is a reflection of exactly that. My first time attending an event was on August 25th, at Blue Bottle Coffee in Culver City, which by the way, has fantastic coffee.

I was able to socialize with women from different backgrounds in their career, and a few passionate about their businesses. It was eye opening. I felt myself come alive, I felt like I was truly able to grow. When I mentioned my passion project, so many women encouraged me and were proud of me, saying my initiative was important and amazing.

I was so happy to receive so much support!

Put yourself out there

I didn’t put myself out there as much after I was convinced that I was weak. But now, I’ll tell you that vulnerability and transparency has been the most amazing characteristic someone could have.