Kylie Jenner’s Skin Care Line approved by Estheticians?

Did we hear Kylie Jenner is launching a skincare line? Honestly, we’re not surprised.

Estheticians everywhere have given their respective disagreement about this new venture. Here is why Kylie Jenner’s skin care line can be a waste of money and time.

First and foremost, most skin care lines aside from her brand are private label. Private labeling is the act of stamping your brand or companies name onto the product and you have the rights to sell that exact product but take credit for it.

We are concerned the quality and efficacy of the products. Here are a couple of reasons why Estheticians like myself are weary of these products.

  1. Foaming face wash; the main concern with this product and products similar to this, are the harsh chemicals that produce the suds. The suds strips the skin and can dehydrate or cause the skin to become excessively oily. After the skin has been dehydrated excessively it is also more prone to bacteria entering the pores.

  2. Vanilla Milk Toner; although Kylie claims it is alcohol-free, we do have to say milk on all skin types may not be efficient and safe. Acid taken from the milk is known as Lactic acid. Estheticians like myself vow by lactic acid and glycolic acids for safe peels. That’s right! Peels! This toner is either balancing or peeling the skin. This toner may be doing the exact opposite of soothing and toning.

  3. The Walnut face scrub; the most hated product before it has been launched.

    This product not only contains walnuts (which have been known to cause adverse reactions) but Kylie suggests that she uses it everyday. Personally, my clients who exfoliated excessively have horrible reactions. Broken capillaries and overly dry skin are results of over exfoliation.

Kylie has three more products she’s spoken about like the moisturizer, vitamin c, and eye cream. We’re hoping she keeps the public posted on ingredient listings, and we can assess whether its indeed containing high-end materials.

In no way or form is this to say Kylie Jenner’s products are meant to be harmful, we believe skin care products and any form of cosmetics should be clean and efficient for the consumer.

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