Top 3 Face Oils for Dry Skin, Winter Edition


I have had my fair share of dry skin and so have my clients. Most of them love their moisturizers and I always advise them to keep up with a routine. However, in the winter months, to lock in the hydration, I ask to occasionally add more oils to the skin by using safe and noncomedogenic oils to their routine.

NOTE: These oils are natural and safe to use, but if you are concerned about any reactions it may cause if you’re already using medication or topical agents, please speak with your Dermatologist!

Here are some oils I have personally used on my clients and myself. They have amazing benefits and last a long time.

  1. Tamanu Oil — Nourishing oil great for acne, purchase here

  2. Rose Hip Seed Oil — Anti-aging benefits and brightens the skin, purchase here

  3. Argan Oil — Hydrating and Nourishing Oil great for all skin types, purchase here

Invest in your skin, its a lifetime investment not just for your looks but for your health.

Please make sure to use oils that won’t clog your pores! The most potent oils are usually on their own and not mixed. If you would like to mix your oils, I’ll create another post on what types of oils are carriers and safe.

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