Glowing Cheeks All Winter?

Sweaters, cardigans, and cute boots come out in the season of Winter. This is my favorite time of the year!

However, dealing with dry skin (no it isn’t the same thing as “matte”) can be so stressful, especially for holiday gatherings. So, here’s a couple of things that can help restore your glow!


Hydration is key. But you’re going to need a couple of oils not just your moisturizer.

  1. Argan Oil

  2. Almond Oil

  3. Rosehip Oil

Cleanse your face with a gentle product

Double cleanse always! This will really help remove the dirt, makeup, and excess oils from the face.

Then, use a cleanser of your choice (gentle please) and make sure to wash it off completely.

Apply a light layer of face oil

Choose an oil from above, and lightly massage this into the skin. You can use a face roller as well to help it penetrate into the skin better.