How to Avoid Breakouts during Finals

Avoid breakouts during finals week

Its finals week and the stress levels are higher than ever. College students especially feel the pressure the most.It’s okay to feel frustrated, nervous, and moody. But do not neglect your health at this time. Breakouts aren’t just a physical appearance but also can indicate how you’re eating, drinking, and resting.

P.S While I’m writing this blog post, I’m masking my face, oiling my hair, and eating. All in between my finals, which I have in 30 minutes, so you’re welcome. How am I doing this as a full-time student? That should be another blog post.

Here are 3 ways to avoiding breakouts and complete exhaustion

Food Consumption

Your food intake needs to be on a routine of healthy snacks and meals. It’s extremely vital during this week because of unhealthy foods and high sodium meals will cause fatigue and disrupt your mind.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and plenty of water is the way to go. If you really care about having all the energy possible to kick finals week in the butt, you’re going to need all the energy you can get.


It’s actually irritating to hear someone say they didn’t have time to wash their faces, but they had time to scroll through Instagram. It takes less than five minutes to cleanse the face and to make it easier, don’t apply makeup all week long. Just keep your skin hydrated and cleansed, especially since you’re going to be sweating from all the anxiety. No matter the skin type you need to still take care of your skin, or else face the consequences for a month after its damage for the week.

  • Cleanse face

  • Moisturize

  • Sunscreen

  • Mask while studying

  • New pillowcase for the week

  • Shower (5-minute rinse, with a deep, cleanse sometime in the week)


I can’t stress this enough but please get UP. Move around for every thirty minutes of study, for at least five minutes. Stretch and do quick pulses of cardio, I like jumping jacks the most. Put in your headphones and go for a run, a quick 5-10 minute run is just good enough to help you reduce stress and get any type of nervousness out of the system.

Let me know what you’re routine is like down below!

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