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Skin Care routine / 2019

I’m not the type to change my skincare routine if I know something works for me. But, in the summer of 2018 I had an acne breakout on the right side of my face. It never went away.

At the time I had been using Dermalogica. I had used their products for two and a half years, and I love their products. But, I noticed it was not helping anymore, it actually starting aggravating my skin. So, that’s when I switched to their sister company, Murad!

Murad has an amazing line of products and it’s pretty simple and for targeted treatments.

So here’s what I use…

  • Refreshing Cleanser, with algae and white ginger root.

 Note: this cleanser foams but is non drying!

  • Hydrating Toner, Cucumber and peach extracts to help reduce your irritated skin, keeps the skin smooth and restores skin’s natural pH.

  • Khiels Ultra Facial Cream, my holy grail my LIFE line. Offers 24 hour hydration and isn’t greasy at all.

That is my skin care routine, day and night. Yup, it’s only three steps! I believe that less is more, and the skin needs hydration, internally as well as externally. It doesn’t matter how much product you put on your face, you need to feed your body foods that contain great amounts of water, like grapes and lettuce. They’re mainly water, but they taste amazing don’t they?

Picture credited to the talented @sadswim on Instagram

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