Products for Clear Skin, 2018

Skin care routines are becoming important to  many people who never cared for it. Why? 

We ALL want clear skin. If you’re having problems with acne, click here  for more information. 

Lets start!  

Pre Cleanse:

The product we can’t stop raving about, especially Estheticians, is the Dermalogica Precleanse product. Why? It loosens up first and pulls the dirt out of your skin a little easier than scratching at it. Like with like.  

How do you use it? Add a pump or two into your hand and spread it on your face, use circular motions and friction around the nose, chime, and forehead. Add water and it will become a milky texture, and keep doing fluid movements to push the junk out of your skin. 

Special Cleansing Gel:  

This cleanser is amazing for most skin types. We say Most because when this product is used in moderation, it is pretty gentle. This cleanser does not need too much work! You use a pea sized amount or maybe a dime, and add water to it. It makes cleansing a breeze! Of course, when applying keep adding more water to correctly wet the face, and use circular motions! 

When washing off, use a soft cloth, a face sponge, or just use your hands and make sure to wash it off thoroughly.  

Scrub Dead Skin away, but gently please

Dermalogicas Microfoliant is extremely gentle, lightweight and effective. You can use it daily, and for many Estheticians it has become our favorite.  

How to use? Add a dime sized into your palm and add water, mix with your palms well and apply to your face and keep adding water (small amount) to keep it wet. Never allow any exfoliation products to dry on your face unless told otherwise. rinse off completely with a sponge or a cloth, and it’ll make the skin feel and look bright!


Tone baby!  

Now this is a step some professionals argue about, but we love toner at OBG! The most amazing toner is from Murad.  

How to use? Spray a couple spritz that’s it!  

Moisturizer that smoothe skin! 

Depending on your skin type you will choose from gel, thick, or water based.  

Our favorites are Khiels, Dermaesthetics, and Dermalogica.  

Khiels: 24 hour ultra moisturizing face cream


This is a simple skin care routine that I use an esthetician on my clients and on myself! Let me know what your favorite skin care routine is!

Picture is credited to @just_me_again  


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