Top 3 Beauty Tools of 2018

Top 3 Beauty Tool Estheticians Love

  1. Face Rollers

Why? Rollers are used to help cool, massage, and lift the skin. You can refrigerate the rollers, and use them on the skin just like that! Most Estheticians like using them with a serums!

  1. Face Steamer

Why? Facial steamers help open up the pores and loosens debris. This also allows for a better cleanse or product absorption during the facial process.

  1. High Frequency Spatula

Why? Ultrasonic Skin Scrubbers are extremely helpful for light extractions on the nose and for removing debris while cleansing. Plus, this also has a setting to allow serums to penetrate deeper into the skin. Tip: When extracting, be gentle, you dont want to cause an abrasion on the skin!

Estheticians use an array of tools and machine to make the facial process amazing for their clients, but some tools are not allowed for the public because it will need much training to operate correctly.